No Man's Sky Outlaws update adds solar ships, outlaw stations, and more

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Outlaws update releases today for No Man's Sky as the game's 19th update, adding solar ships, outlaw stations, and more.

If you've been busy chasing those No Man's Sky achievements, you'll know that Hello Games have been keeping players occupied with frequent updates: Outlaws is the 19th update for the game. "Pirates have been a largely quiet but constant presence in the No Man’s Sky universe for a long time, and any journey through space will be sure to lead to a skirmish with them sooner or later," says Hello Games founder Sean Murray. "Now the pirates have started a campaign of colonization throughout the galaxies, using space stations as their base for occupying the surrounding system and conducting their smuggling enterprises. Upon encountering their ramshackle lairs, travellers can choose whether to confront them or ally with them in their nefarious smuggling activities."

Along with outlaw stations, the Outlaws update adds the Solar Starship as the first new starship the game has had in two years, the "squadrons" feature that lets you recruit and upgrade wingmen, the opportunity for smuggling, a cargo inventory for starships, new missions, a rebalancing of space combat, and more, which you can check out in full over on the No Man's Sky site.

The Outlaws update becomes available for free today in No Man's Sky.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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