WWE 12 Full Roster Revealed

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
At this weekend's Summerslam WWE Fan Axxess celebration, THQ revealed the entire roster for the upcoming WWE 12. The re-branded and refocused Smackdown vs. RAW franchise is not only packing a new graphics engine, a new gameplay engine but a number of surprise roster selections. The recently "Future Endeavored" (wrestling blog term for fired) Vladimir Kozlov will still be appearing in WWE '12. Also no longer a part of the WWE as of this summer but still appearing in the game? Chavo Guerrero. The full roster of Superstars, Divas and Legends is below:

WWE Superstars
* Alberto Del Rio
* Alex Riley
* Big Show
* Chavo Guerrero
* Christian
* CM Punk
* Cody Rhodes
* Daniel Bryan
* David Otunga
* Dolph Ziggler
* Drew McIntyre
* Evan Bourne
* Ezekiel Jackson
* Goldust
* Heath Slater
* Husky Harris
* Jack Swagger
* Jerry Lawler
* John Cena
* John Morrison
* Justin Gabriel
* Kane
* Kofi Kingston
* Mark Henry
* Mason Ryan
* Michael McGillicutty
* Mr. McMahon
* Randy Orton
* Rey Mysterio
* R-Truth
* Santino Marella
* Sheamus
* Sin Cara
* Ted DiBiase
* The Miz
* Triple H
* Tyson Kidd
* Undertaker
* Vladimir Kozlov
* Wade Barrett
* William Regal
* Yoshi Tatsu
* Zack Ryder

WWE Divas

* Beth Phoenix
* Eve
* Kelly Kelly
* Layla
* Maryse
* Michelle McCool
* Natalya

WWE Legends
* Animal
* Arn Anderson
* Ax
* Booker T
* Eddie Guerrero
* Edge
* Hawk
* Kevin Nash
* Ricky Steamboat
* Smash
* Steve Austin
* The Rock
* Vader

A few more entrants of note include the recently retired Edge being listed as a WWE Legend. I am a complete mark for the Rated-R Superstar so that makes me happy. The Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk) appearing alongside their WWE knock-off Demolition (Ax and Smash) will make old-school wrestling fans really happy.

What I am curious about is one name from the Superstar list: Sin Cara. Originally Sin Cara was portrayed by Mexican Luchador Mistico until a recent suspension for steroid use was leveled against him. This past week, Sin Cara returned to television but he looked a little "different" as this time, it was Mexican Luchador Hunico under the mask. The two men have different high-flying styles (Mistico was a fan of flips while Hunico is more straightforward) and skin tones, making it a given that if we can edit WWE Superstarts, Sin Cara will be at the top of every fan's list.

Take the time to go back and review the RKO gameplay trailer and just imagine how cool Vader or Bryan Danielson will look with the new graphics engine.

WWE '12 is set for a North American release on November 22nd.

Thanks to all the TA community members that originally alerted us about THQ's planned reveal this weekend, and thanks to those that sent in the actual roster list.