Rainbow Six Siege's chaotic Rengoku event now live

By Tom West,
Rainbow Six Siege's latest event, Rengoku, is now live until May 17th and gives players access to a new control area mode where Operators are equipped with unique Kiba loadouts for explosive fun.

The Rengoku event takes you to a mystical realm in Japan where Operators are possessed Samurai warriors fighting for the honour of the gods at the temple in the sky, a reworked version of the Skyscraper map. It's a 5v5 control mode that tasks you with fighting for control of altars that change position every two minutes. You'll need to hold the altar unopposed for five seconds to begin scoring points, and the first team to reach 300 points will be crowned victorious.

In Rengoku, Operators are equipped with unique Kiba loadouts with one-kit kill explosive ammunition alongside a shotgun and pistol. As with most of the Siege events, only select Operators are available: Fuze, Osa, Rook, and Thunderbird have access to Fire or Poison Kibas, and Bandit, Capitão, Kapkan, Maestro, Twitch, and Zofia can use the Flashback or Knockback Kibas. Expect some pretty explosive action and a fun way to mix up your grind through the Rainbow Six Siege achievements.

Two item bundles will be available throughout the event: Rengoku Collection and the Battlefield Spirit Bundle. The Rengoku Collection contains new headgear, Operator Portraits for the participating Rengoku Operators, weapon skins, and uniforms. You can earn Rengoku Collection packs for completing special Event Challenges, as well as purchasing them for 200 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown each. The Battlefield Spirt Bundle packs in a background, charm, signature weapon skin, and a universal attachment skin. Both bundles will be available to purchase in full for 1,680 R6 Credits each.

Will you be heading to Japan for the Rengoku event in Rainbow Six Siege between now and May 17th? Let us know down in the comments!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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