Gamer goals revamped — now you can Race someone to a goal!

By Jack Watling,
Gamer goals are a great feature on the site for keeping adding further challenges to your gaming. You can create goals for all sorts of things, like increasing your TrueAchievement score or beating a friend's number of achievement unlocks. With this update, we're adding even more features.

New Race Goal type

This is a brand new goal type and allows you to challenge another gamer on-site to race to a statistic. You can pick the gamer, the statistic, set the goal and, optionally, apply a target date.

Race gamer goal setup

We'll track your goal automatically when we scan you and post the results to your friend feed.

friend feed race gamer goal

Why not head over to the Create Goal page and challenge a friend to a race?

New statistic types

We have added two new statistics for you to choose from when setting up your goals.
  • TrueAchievement Difference - The result when subtracting an achievements Gamerscore from its TrueAchievement score.
  • Complete Story - Attempting to complete the main story in a game, based on our new Story Completed flags.

My Goals redesign

Along with all of this, we've also spruced up the My Goals page. It's now more friendly on the eyes, better to use on mobile devices, and keeps all of the important information.

Gamer goals page

Let us know what you think below. Are you going to set up some of the new goal types?
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
Hey, I'm Jack. I'm a long time member of the site and joined the development team back in 2015. When I'm not designing, adding, or leading the development of new site features you can find me running or gaming.