TA Gaming Stats - August 8th to August 14th 2011

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
It's good to be back!

Sadly, there was a bit of a hiccup this week with collecting the stats and so we will be short one category. The "Completed Games" charts will not be joining us this week. How do we know there was an error this week? 2006 FIFA World Cup was the number one completed retail title.

Regardless, let's dive into another week of stats from the dog days of summer.

This report is for the period August 8th to August 14th 2011.

Games Started
27,227 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 45,578 games between them (1,398 different games).

In a week with no major retail release of note, L.A. Noire is king. Brink has caught a second wind lately, perhaps buoyed by recent "free" DLC, which is no longer available for free at the time of writing.

Congrats Catherine on passing two thousand gamers. Congrats as well to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for simply being a show-off at this point.

Top Retail Games Started

Defying my expectations, Fruit Ninja Kinect snagged the number one spot. As you can tell by looking at the overall numbers, a lot more people are playing arcade games this week. The top four spots are all occupied by the Summer of Arcade titles and with Toy Soldiers: Cold War making its mark (1,690 gamers as of this writing Saturday Night), we can look forward to one more week of Arcade dominance.

Outside of the Summer of Arcade titles, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is the only other game that is both not free and not Kinect compatible. I for one, am looking forward to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition making an impact on the charts.

Top Arcade Games Started

Minesweeper (WP) and Sudoku (WP) are both free titles available in the United States. That explains why Minesweeper, a game that has been free with every PC since the early 90's, can claim the top spot.

I shall now drink myself into a stupor over the amount of readers born after Minesweeper was commonplace. If you are fifteen or below, please do not tell me, as I will start to feel really old. After all, in my day, cell phones weighed five pounds and had no screens, never mind achievements.

Top Windows Phone 7 Games Started

Games Completed

Since we were unable to collect this data, I shall instead fill the space by talking briefly about my Friday Night Magic experience this past week. In a triple Magic 2012 draft, I claimed first place using an aggro Red/Green deck highlighted by Overrun, Chandra's Phoenix and Volcanic Dragon. Claiming a victory in my first draft since Dissension? Yeah, it was a good night.

Now back to your regularly scheduled stats.

Achievements Won
53,865 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 706,248 achievements online between them (39,377 different achievements).

Did I mention Brink has new DLC? In addition to that, a lot of gamers decided to clear out the arson desk in L.A.Noire, which is also available as DLC. Back in my day, when you finished a game, you finished a game. There was no content coming months later to expand the story or add more maps. We played Final Fantasy 6 multiple times and WE LIKED IT.

Top Retail Achievements Won

The only achievement missing from Fruit Ninja Kinect is the one for slicing 10,000 pieces of fruit. Only 476 gamers (16% of those that started the title) have sliced 10,000 pieces of fruit. That tells me that 84% of you are lazy.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

I hope you are sitting down for this one. The two new free titles, despite being available in only one region, took over the entire achievement list. I know, this is a shocking, unexpected development.

Top Windows Phone 7 Achievements Won

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre

Rather then focus on what has made the chart, let's take a look at what did not crack the top ten. Strategy is again, absent from the chart, but yet Miscellaneous is listed. What exactly is listed as Miscellaneous?

Oh. Fruit Ninja Kinect.

On that note, can we get Shoot'em Ups to chart at least once? That genre needs some love.

  • Shooter6,027,509
  • Action-Adventure5,006,790
  • Role-Playing2,436,663
  • Sports2,048,524
  • Action1,641,589
  • Racing1,356,334
  • Platformer706,093
  • Music & Rhythm544,106
  • Puzzle524,292
  • Miscellaneous471,169

Join me next week when the Cold War rages twenty years after "Winds of Change".