Heavy Metal Machines' servers closing later this year

By Sean Carey,

It's been just over a year since Heavy Metal Machines first launched, and now, developer Hoplon Infotainment has announced that servers for the free-to-play multiplayer vehicular combat game will close in August.

Servers for Heavy Metal Machines will close on August 30th and considering the game is an online-only title, all ten Heavy Metal Machines achievements will be discontinued on that date.

Heavy Metal Machines

In a statment, Hoplon said, "It is with heavy hearts that we announce the ending of Heavy Metal Machine’s life cycle. HMM’s dedicated servers will be shutting down on the 30th of August, 2022. This means the game and all its related features will no longer be available, including all game modes, and the in-game Store. This applies to all platforms, including Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation."

Heavy Metal Machines launched in February 2021 to little fanfare. No reason was given for the server closure, though we expect it's down to a dwindling player base.

As of May 30th, Heavy Metal Machines' virtual currency (Cash) packages will be removed from the game and won't be available for purchase. All other game features will be available normally. You will have until the full server closure on August 30th to spend any in-game currency you have.

Heavy Metal Machines achievements to be discontinued

The entirety of the Heavy Metal Machines achievement list will be discontinued once the server closure hits on August 30th. Here are all the affected achievements:

Heavy Metal MachinesCrazy TrainThe Crazy Train achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 127 pointsScore 3 points for your Team in a single match (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesAce of SpadesThe Ace of Spades achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 128 pointsAchieve a Quadricide: Kill 4 enemies in a short period of time (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesAngel of DeathThe Angel of Death achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 147 pointsDeal 70.000 damage (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesParanoidThe Paranoid achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 151 pointsScore 10 points (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesStairway to HeavenThe Stairway to Heaven achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 165 pointsRepair 33333 HP (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesHighway to HellThe Highway to Hell achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 177 pointsDrive a distance of 300000 meters in total (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesIron ManThe Iron Man achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 189 pointsFinish a match with 0 deaths and at least 10 kills (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesThe Number of the BeastThe The Number of the Beast achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 254 pointsKill 666 Machines (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesWelcome to the JungleThe Welcome to the Jungle achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 265 pointsWin 100 matches (Online Matchmaking only)

Heavy Metal MachinesMaster of PuppetsThe Master of Puppets achievement in Heavy Metal Machines worth 264 pointsReach level 5 with 1 Machine in every role (Support, Transporter and Interceptor)

From what we can tell, the game has already been delisted from the Microsoft Store, so unless you have previously claimed Heavy Metal Machines, you won't be able to grab a completion here. For those that do already own the game, estimates suggest it will take between 25 and 30 hours to complete.

Servers for Heavy Metal Machines will close on August 30th. Will you be returning to this one for the completion? Let us know down in the comments.

Big thanks to Pris for the news tip.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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