RIP Windows Phone: Xbox support axed, discontinuing all achievements

By Luke Albigés,

It looks like Microsoft has now pulled the plug on Xbox support for Windows Phone, discontinuing thousands of achievements and making them no longer unlockable on the platform.

Some Windows Phone games may still be able to be played, but achievements will no longer unlock or sync on these devices.

Windows Phone loses Xbox support and achievements

The Windows Phone platform featured a library of almost 300 games which included achievement support, including a fair few spin-offs from popular franchises such as Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Halo, Final Fantasy, and Hitman. In these cases, this closure will impact not just the individual games but also series completions, with these retired mobile games no longer available.

Microsoft's last call for WP achievements came back in February with the platform holder giving three months' notice to fans looking to mop up some achievements. However, ongoing sync issues and some games presenting challenges of their own led to no end of headaches — especially frustrating with the clock ticking on the shutdown. Sure enough, with a planned closure date of May 16th, we noticed achievement unlocks drying up during the day, with more and more reports of failed syncs, so it looks like time is now up.

This marks the first full closure of a major platform that supports achievements. We previously also saw the plug get pulled on the Games for Windows Live Marketplace, although enterprising fans have managed to find ways to keep a lot of those titles alive, even if it often involves jumping through a lot of hoops. It'll also be the last major shutdown until Microsoft decides to one day turn off Xbox 360 support, although given the push for backwards compatibility support on new consoles, here's hoping that day is still a good way off.

Sad to see Windows Phone go? Any completions you're glad to have got done, or gutted to have missed? Pour one out and say your piece down below...
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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