Slipknot ascends to god tier in Smite

By Tom West,

Smite is welcoming members of heavy metal band Slipknot with character skins for three of the game's gods. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can get one for free with Perks.

Many of us that were in our teenage years during the early 2000s may already be familiar with the notion that Slipknot are gods — of metal music at least — all thanks to the many years we spent listening to the titular 'Slipknot' album and 'Iowa' turning our eardrums to mush. Now you can almost make that notion a reality, thanks to each of the band members having a skin in the popular MOBA, Smite.

Smite and Slipknot Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

xbox game pass ultimate perks slipknot in smite

"The music and counterculture experience created by the multi-platinum sonic phenomenon and nine-piece force of nature, Slipknot, arrives in Smite through this one of a kind crossover event. Squad up as the Slipknot band members and battle against the gods of Smite!"

Slipknot band members Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Craig Jones, Michael Pfaff, Clown, Jay Weinberg, Mick Thomson, Jim Root, and Alessandro Venturella are about to become Tattered & Torn in the Battlegrounds of the Gods. According to the notes for Update 9.5 on the official Smite website, each of the Slipknot skins and cosmetic bundles will be available within a single chest; every fourth chest roll will allow you to use 'Chest Choice' to pick any item that you like instead of being given a random item. Each of the Slipknot items will be available to purchase separately if you'd rather do that, and they'll be discounted for the next two weeks.

Unlocking or purchasing any three of the items below will also net you the Slipknot Music Theme

  • Alessandro Venturella Chaac Skin
  • Jim Root Chaac Skin
  • Mick Thomson Chaac Skin
  • Clown Raijin Skin
  • Jay Weinberg Raijin Skin
  • Michael Pfaff Raijin Skin
  • Corey Taylor Poseidon Skin
  • Craig Jones Poseidon Skin
  • Sid Wilson Poseidon Skin
Cosmetics (Contained inside two bundles):
  • Slipknot Avatar
  • Slipknot Jump Stamp
  • Slipknot Level Up
  • Slipknot Loading Screen
  • Maggot Player Title
  • Slipknot Recall Skin
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now access the Smite x Slipknot Starter Pass for free by navigating to the Xbox Game Pass Perks tab within the app. The Starter Pass includes the three Gods required to use the Slipknot skins — Chaac, Poseidon, and Raijin — their Voice Packs, a 30-Day Account Booster, and a Deal of the Day Token. Much like the name suggests, the token can be spent on the items being offered through the in-game store's Daily Deals, but it doesn't need to be spent immediately, so don't feel compelled to spend it if there isn't anything you're interested in right now.

Will you be entering the godly battlegrounds with one of these monsters of metal, or will you be Left Behind? Let us know down below!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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