Rainbow Six Extraction's latest crisis event now live

By Heidi Nicholas,

Ubisoft has kickstarted the latest crisis event for Rainbow Six Extraction with Nightmare Fog, a free limited-time mode that sends us out to destroy the Toxic Tree.

The limited-time mode starts today, May 12th, and runs until June 2nd, tasking us to "team-up, make your way through the fog, and destroy the Toxic Tree while managing your Neurotoxin level."

Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog

"A new threat has appeared. You'll need to be extra cautious, distinguish real from fake, make your way through the fog and destroy its source," we're told, with Ubiosft adding that Nightmare Fog brings with it new enemies, new REACT Tech, new rewards, and more.

"In Nightmare Fog, your objective is to locate and destroy the Toxic Tree to clear this thick Fog," the devs say. "Make sure to come prepared as hordes of Archæans will descend on you and your team as you start to take down the Tree's defences." The new enemy is the Protean Vigil, while the Rush Pistol will give you a speed boost and make you temporarily invulnerable. More rewards include a weapon skin, icons, headgear, and more.

Nightmare Fog starts today, May 12th, and runs until June 2nd.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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