Last call for Windows Phone achievements as final weekend arrives

By Luke Albigés,

Time is running out for those still finishing up any outstanding Windows Phone completions, with this weekend marking the platform's last before Xbox support is pulled for good on Monday, May 16th.

The shutdown was announced back in February, with Microsoft effectively issuing a three-month warning before all Xbox features are sunset on Windows Phone devices from next week, which will render every single Window Phone achievement discontinued.

Windows Phone users have had a rough few years, with lots of issues getting achievements to pop or sync with certain games and/or devices, as well as the fact that general support for the platform was ended several years ago, leading to many games no longer being available. Early last year, something seemed to change behind the scenes as achievements started to unlock and sync again for some. Then, in March this year, we brought back the Windows Phone leaderboards for one final hurrah in the twilight of the platform... barring any major upset this week, it looks like our very own Shadow Kisuragi will be crowned king of all four leaderboards next week when the standings are updated for the last time.

Are you still making your final push through your Windows Phone backlog? Glad to be done? Sad to see the platform going for good? Let's hear your thoughts with just a couple of days left to go...
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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