Fall Guys finally coming to Xbox in June with F2P relaunch

By Luke Albigés,

Mediatonic has announced that colourful last-bean-standing party game Fall Guys is coming to Xbox at last, with the madcap multiplayer madness going free-to-play across all platforms on June 21st.

It's bean been almost two years since Fall Guys first graced our screens, launching on PS4 via PS Plus and enjoying the same kind of crazy popularity that propelled Rocket League into the big leagues. Now, with a soft relaunch as the game goes free-to-play across all major platforms, it looks like Fall Guys might just get a second shot at prime-time success next month.

Fall Guys will be free-to-play on Xbox

The chaotic battle royale-esque game takes the form of a multi-round physical game show, pitting those adorable little bean folks against one another across a series of increasingly ridiculous events. There were some concerns that the almost two-year wait since the game's first release could hurt any chances of success on Xbox, but making it free not only fits the format of the game, but is sure to give the player base a massive boost. Cross-play and cross-progression are also supported across all versions, so you can get your nonsense on and go in search of crowns wherever and whenever you like. Here's how the game will stack up across all Xbox consoles:

Mediatonic has also confirmed that Xbox Game Pass Perks will provide members with three monthly costume drops, while people who own the game on other platforms will get the Legacy Pack, including three special costumes and Season 1's Premium Season Pass.

Excited to finally get involved in the colourful chaos of Fall Guys when it hits Xbox on June 21st? Let us know!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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