Minecraft Dungeons time-limited anniversary event now live

By Heidi Nicholas,

Minecraft Dungeons is celebrating its second anniversary with a time-limited event which runs for the next few weeks, offering seasonal trials and prizes.

Minecraft Dungeons' anniversary event runs for the next few weeks until June 15th, with in-game activities, seasonal trials, and prizes. You can check out the Birthday Bash video below:

Minecraft Dungeons' second Birthday Bash trailer

"As with all birthdays, the most important thing isn’t about commemorating the occasion — it’s about the presents, which the anniversary event has plenty of," Mojang says.

Completing six seasonal daily trials will net you the anniversary cape and the cake costume (made up of the Sparkler, Sweet Tooth, and Sugar Rush items). Taking part in a "special tower run" can also earn you the Baby Moobloom pet.

"Above all else, whether you’re a new adventurer or someone who’s been here from the start: thank you for being part of our journey together," Mojang concludes. "We hope to see you at the party!" Will you be taking part in Minecraft Dungeons' anniversary event? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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