Trials Evolution Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Very little has been revealed about Trials Evolution since the game's announcement at E3 in June. The teaser trailer showed only five seconds of gameplay footage. I'm afraid that I can't bring you any more footage today, but I can bring you a plethora of screenshots instead.

The following screenshots are from the single player mode, and showcase the new outdoor environments and obstacles. The indoor tracks will still exist, but now players can scramble across rivers, up mountains, through swamps and more.

Balancing act

Big air

Country time

Creek crossing

Kiss the sky

Mandatory crate

Pipe dreams

Pop a wheelie

Riding high

UFO encounter

These screenshots focus on the all-new multiplayer modes for up to four players. Players will be able to play against their family and friends both locally and online, and although details are scarce, there will be multiple modes for multiplayer gaming.

Multiplayer four lanes

Multiplayer hitting the dirt

Multiplayer race to the finish

Multiplayer treetop hop

Multiplayer water sports

Now for news that all fans of the franchise's first XBLA outing,, will have been waiting for. The level editor will be making its inevitable return, but this time the game will implement a Track Central system; it is here where custom tracks will be available to everybody, and will no longer be restricted to your Friends List.

Details are yet to be revealed on the price of Trials Evolution, although the game is due to be released in 2011.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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