The Division 2 offers in-game compensation for rolling back player Expertise levels

By Heidi Nicholas,

Due to a mistake relating to how many Proficiency points you get from kill XP, The Division 2 development team has announced that it will "recalculate" the progress of every player.

The team says this adjustment will impact "most players active during Season 9," and will see their Expertise level rolled back to the level "they should be at."
The division 2

The Division 2 Expertise level adjustment

"We have made updates following the discovery of a mistake in the amount of Proficiency points gained from kill XP and have been forced to recalculate every player's progress," the devs said. "The expected Expertise level cap for Season 9 is 20 and allowing higher levels now will have considerable impact on the long-term balance of the game."

The "adjustment" was implemented today, May 31st. "This will impact most players active during Season 9 and will bring their Expertise level back to the level they should be at. This will also impact any item upgraded," they continue, adding that "we will be granting SHD caches including materials to all affected players, as compensation for the feature rollback and the materials you have invested in gear upgrades." According to the devs, we'll hear more about this compensation later this week — however, we are warned that "it is not possible for us to grant the exact same amount of materials invested due to lack of in-game data, discrepancies are to be expected."

In the replies to the tweet, and over on the Division2 and thedivision subreddits, the response from players has been mixed. Some suggest it's unfair to possibly lose out on progress and the time and materials that had been put into the game by getting less materials back than had been invested, and that a better solution would have been to only roll back players who had made it past level 20. Others think it's not too big an issue, and shouldn't be a problem for many players — what do you think? Let us know in the comments!
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Written by Heidi Nicholas
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