Fall Guys waddles to 20 million players after just 48 hours

By Heidi Nicholas,

Fall Guys went free-to-play last week and has already waddled itself to a win of its own, having reached 20 million players in just the first 48 hours of its free-to-play Xbox launch.

If you played Fall Guys last week after it launched for Xbox players, you'll have contributed to the fact that the game reached 20 million players in its first 48 hours.
Fall Guys

Fall Guys reaches 20 million players in its first few days as a free-to-play game

"Massive thank you to all who have stumbled," the devs tweeted. "We reached an incredible 20 million players in the first 48 hours of Free For All!" We've been waiting for Fall Guys to come to Xbox for some time, so it's no wonder that the game had so many players at its free-to-play launch that it had server issues.

A Halo-themed Spartan Showdown event is set to kick off soon, running from June 30th to July 4th and offering challenges and Halo-themed cosmetics to earn.

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Heidi Nicholas
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