New Crimson Alliance Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Crimson Alliance has received a fair amount of publicity recently, not least due to the fact that players who bought all five Summer of Arcade games will get the game free on release. Now that the promotion enters its final week with the release of Toy Soldiers: Cold War, Microsoft has released a number of new screenshots to prepare gamers for the treat that they are about to receive.

17/8/11 Screenshot 9

17/8/11 Screenshot 8

17/8/11 Screenshot 6

17/8/11 Screenshot 5

17/8/11 Screenshot 4

17/8/11 Screenshot 1

The Assassin, the Mercenary and the Wizard have to encounter betrayal, evil magic and ancient secrets as they travel through the world of Crimson, each with their own motivations for the journey. Through seemingly labyrinthine crypts and decaying cities, players have to battle mini-bosses and their minions, while avoiding lethal traps, to reach their goal. Perhaps the hidden treasures might lighten the mood though? Here are some more re-released screenshots for you:

17/8/11 Screenshot 7

17/8/11 Screenshot 10

17/8/11 Screenshot 3

17/8/11 Screenshot 2

Crimson Alliance is due to be released on September 7th, and will cost 1200 MSP for those who haven't purchased the five Summer of Arcade games.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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