Easy Gamerscore: The 25 quickest completions from the latest Xbox sales

By Sean Carey,

A new Xbox sale has arrived, bringing with it a fresh batch of quick completions. After plundering the depths of this week's sale, we've compiled a list of 25 quick and easy games that will give your Gamerscore a healthy boost.

As always, we've linked you to each game's hub, where you'll find achievement lists, guides, and full-blown achievement walkthroughs (if one has been written). We've also detailed this week's easiest, cheapest, and highest-rated games just below the table.

Quickest Xbox game completions from the latest sales

Game Sale Price Completion Time TA Ratio Discount
Little Kite 1-2 hours 1.03 40%
Fighting Vipers 1-2 hours 1.08 50%
Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Definitive Edition
• in Outbreak Gold Collection
1-2 hours 1.09 50%
Altered Beast 1-2 hours 1.15 50%
Blaze and the Monster Machines: Axle City Racers 1-2 hours 1.17 50%
My Friend Peppa Pig 1-2 hours 1.18 40%
Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R 2-3 hours 1.13 40%
Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles
• in Outbreak Gold Collection
2-3 hours 1.14 50%
STAB STAB STAB! 2-3 hours 1.16 70%
Splash Cars 2-3 hours 1.21 30%
Gunstar Heroes 2-3 hours 1.21 50%
Varenje 3-4 hours 1.15 60%
Ryan's Rescue Squad 3-4 hours 1.19 40%
PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay 3-4 hours 1.50 50%
Glass Masquerade 4-5 hours 1.08 75%
My Universe - My Baby 4-5 hours 1.26 50%
PAW Patrol: On a Roll 4-5 hours 1.36 50%
Crazy Trucks 4-5 hours 1.36 80%
The Last Campfire 5-6 hours 1.30 60%
PJ Masks: Heroes Of The Night 5-6 hours 1.41 40%
Goodbye Deponia 6-8 hours 1.28 90%
Cake Invaders 0-0.5 hours 1.05 30%
Pixel Gladiator 0-0.5 hours 1.12 75%
Teacup 0.5-1 hour 1.07 35%
Outbreak: Epidemic 0.5-1 hour 1.09 75%

Little Kite

Little Kite

The easiest game of the bunch this week, as per TA Ratios, is Little Kite. This point-and-click adventure game has 15 simple achievements that can be unlocked in under two hours. Nearly all of the achievements on Little Kite's list are awarded by playing through its story, but there are two missables you'll need to be aware of. For those, we reccomend giving Maxumilli0n's Little Kite walkthrough a read. Little Kite is on sale for $5.99/£5.03/€5.99 and has a community rating of 2.86/5.

Pixel Gladiator

Pixel Gladiator Achievements

For an absolute Gamerscore bargain, you'll want to pick up this week's cheapest game, Pixel Gladiator. Thanks to a free title update, this tower defence game has 2,000G up for grabs — 2,000G for just $1.24/£1.04/€1.24 is a steal. Estimates suggest it will take you around an hour to complete this one and its title update, but it will probably take you about two hours or so, depending on your skill level. Overall, it's not that hard, and it shouldn't take much time to nab a completion.

The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire Achievements

Finally, the highest-rated game this week is Hello Games' The Last Campfire, which sits with a 4.2/5 from the TA community. You'll unlock the majority of the adventure game's achievements simply by playing through its story. However, there are a fair few miscellaneous achievements you'll need to keep an eye out for during your playthrough. The Last Campfire has been discounted by 60% this week, and you can pick it up for $5.99/£4.79/€5.99.

To view everything on offer from the latest Xbox sale, make sure you visit the sales page, where you can filter games by genre, see ratings, and more.

Which games are you picking up this week? Let us know down in the comments!
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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