Anarchy Reigns at Gamescom

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Well, not literally. The Gamescom event in Cologne has been fairly peaceful so far, but the new media that has been released for Anarchy Reigns is another story. Five new screenshots have made it out of the conference, and it looks like the game will be living up to its entirely appropriate moniker.

18/8/11 Screenshot 1

18/8/11 Screenshot 2

18/8/11 Screenshot 3

18/8/11 Screenshot 4

18/8/11 Screenshot 5

As well as the screenshots, SEGA has released a new trailer too. Jack Cayman, Zero, Big Bull and Sasha Ivanoff create complete and utter chaos in a multiplayer deathmatch, and all for your viewing pleasure. This is then followed by Leonhardt Victorion (to quote his full name), Blacker Baron and Mathilda teaming up in the multiplayer survival mode, the game's equivalent of horde mode. Players will also get to see Durga and two new characters (revealed below) in action too.

Before Gamescom began, SEGA America revealed two more characters from the game's roster. First up is Oinkie.

18/8/11 Oinkie character art

18/8/11 Oinkie screenshot 1

18/8/11 Oinkie screenshot 2

Edgar Oinkie used to be a scientist. Whilst tinkering around in his laboratory, Oinkie invented The Juice, a drug that transforms him into a giant porcine mutant with extra strong arms. The character doesn't have a signature weapon, and relies on sheer strength, karate and powerful melee attacks.

Secondly, let me introduce you to Garuda.

18/8/11 Garuda character art

18/8/11 Garuda screenshot 1

18/8/11 Garuda screenshot 2

Garuda wouldn't look too out of place in a Transformers game. Although the character is a 2.6 metre tall cyborg who weighs in at 1,210 kg, he had the memories and personality of a 28-year-old mercenary implanted into him when the mercenary was killed in action two years previously. Garuda's signature weapon is the Tornado Drill.

These two characters join nine others to total eleven roster reveals so far. Check out our previous coverage of Durga, Sasha and Zero, Big Bull, Mathilda and Black Baron, Jack Cayman and Nikolai. Leo, a 25-year-old cyborg with signature Positron Blades, is the character missing from that list.

Anarchy Reigns is due to be released in January 2012.
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