Saints Row: The Third Walking Apocalypse Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Killbane is a thug of the highest degree. Once a professional wrestler, he ended the career of Angel De La Muerte, his former tag-tam partner, earning himself the nickname 'The Walking Apocalypse'. Killbane now leads the Luchadores, a gang of steroid-fuelled wrestlers who rule the weapons trade in the Syndicate-controlled city of Steelport. With Angel by their side, the Saints will have to take down the Luchadores if they wish to reign supreme over their new territory in Saints Row: The Third.

As well as the new trailer, a handful of new screenshots have also narrowly made it out of the conference alive.

18/8/11 Stronghold Upgrade

18/8/11 Steelport I Love Ya

18/8/11 Genki Chilled

18/8/11 Cat n Mouse

18/8/11 Back Alley Bust

Those of you who can't wait to splash your cash on this game may want to check out the details of the Platinum Pack and the pre-order bonus.

Saints Row: The Third is due to be released on November 15th in North America and Australia, and November 18th in Europe.

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