Halo veteran Paul Bertone joins 343i as Halo Infinite design director

By Tom West,

Halo Infinite will see series veteran Paul Bertone join 343 Industries as technical design director, who previously worked on many of the mainline Halo entries with Bungie on the OG Xbox and Xbox 360.

343 Industries has been fighting quite the battle recently, rolling out update after update in an attempt to get Halo Infinite's multiplayer into a better position, as well as introduce co-op to the game's campaign mode. Now the company's head of creative, Joseph Staten, has announced that 343i is bringing on Paul Bertone as the new technical design director.

Paul Bertone previously worked on five Halo titles with Bungie

Joseph Staten's Twitter post announcing Bertone's new position notes that the ex-Bungie developer has a wealth of experience with the franchise. Looking at Bertone's LinkedIn and Halopedia pages, the developer started with the franchise with Bungie in 2000 on Halo: Combat Evolved as part of the design team, before moving into the role of design lead for Halo 2, and lead mission designer for Halo 3. Bertone was then made design director for Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach, before leaving the studio in 2012. After bouncing between various studios like Undead Labs, Highwire Games, and Industrial Toys since leaving Bungie, Bertone is now back on Halo duty at 343 Industries as the studio's technical design director on Halo Infinite.

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Tom West
Written by Tom West
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