Easy Gamerscore: 25 quick completions from the latest Xbox sales

By Sean Carey,

While the latest Xbox sale doesn't have anywhere near as many bargains as the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, we've still managed to scour its depths and bring you 25 quick completions for some Easy Gamerscore.

As always, we've linked you to each game's hub, where you'll find achievement lists, guides, and full-blown achievement walkthroughs (if one has been written). We've also detailed this week's easiest, cheapest, and highest-rated games just below the table.

Quick and easy Gamerscore from the latest Xbox sale

Game Sale Price Completion Time TA Ratio Discount
Venus: Improbable Dream 0-0.5 hours 1.01 30%
Without Escape 0-0.5 hours 1.01 60%
Life of Fly 2 1-2 hours 1.02 35%
Outbreak: Epidemic Definitive Edition
• in Outbreak Diamond Collection
0-0.5 hours 1.07 50%
Outbreak: Epidemic
• in Outbreak: The Undying Collection
0.5-1 hour 1.09 75%
Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Definitive Edition
• in Outbreak Diamond Collection
1-2 hours 1.09 50%
Retro Tanks 1-2 hours 1.11 50%
Don't Knock Twice 1-2 hours 1.13 50%
Super Star Blast 2-3 hours 1.13 30%
Tales from the Borderlands 5-10 hours 1.13 25%
Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles
• in Outbreak: The Undying Collection
2-3 hours 1.14 75%
The Inner World 3-4 hours 1.17 75%
SELF: Where's my father 1-2 hours 1.20 40%
Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil 2-3 hours 1.21 60%
An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs 1-2 hours 1.21 33%
Outbreak: Lost Hope Definitive Edition
• in Outbreak Diamond Collection
2-3 hours 1.22 50%
The Complex 3-4 hours 1.23 30%
Bloodshore 3-4 hours 1.24 20%
Gnomes Garden 2
• in Gnomes Garden 3 in 1 Bundle
6-8 hours 1.25 70%
Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of Castles
• in Gnomes Garden 3 in 1 Bundle
6-8 hours 1.27 70%
Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes 4-5 hours 1.32 60%
Gangsta Paradise 4-5 hours 1.35 75%
Gnomes Garden
• in Gnomes Garden 3 in 1 Bundle
6-8 hours 1.38 70%
Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator 2-3 hours 1.46 30%
Outbreak: Lost Hope
• in Outbreak: The Undying Collection
2-3 hours 1.46 75%

Without Escape

Without Escape Achievements

According to TA ratios, the easiest game on sale this week is Without Escape, which has 12 achievements that take less than 30 minutes to unlock. The point-and-click adventure game's achievement list is varied, and while they are all pretty straightforward, we recommend at least checking out our Without Escape walkthrough, which details how to unlock every achievement. Without Escape has a poor 2.06/5 community rating (which suggests it's not all that fun) and is on offer for $1.99/£1.67/€1.99.

Gangsta Paradise

Gangsta Paradise

For those after a Gamerscore bargain, the cheapest game on sale this week is Gangsta Paradise, which costs just $1.74/£1.44/€1.74. This shoot-em-up has 20 achievements that, according to estimates, will take around five hours to unlock. Its list is largely made up of simple cumulative, main storyline, and shop achievements, though the Get 120 stars total achievement can be a bit of a pain. Gangsta Paradise has been given a decent 2.88/5 by the TA cohort.

Tales from the Borderlands

13/03/15 - Screen 7

Tales from the Borderlands is our highest-rated game this week with its excellent 4.24/5 TA community rating. The point-and-click adventure game has 35 achievements that are all unlocked by playing through the game's story. It's estimated that it will take between five and ten hours to unlock all 35, depending on how much you care about the story (it's a good one; you don't want to miss it). If you want to blitz through it as fast as possible, you'll want to give our Tales from the Borderlands walkthrough a read. You can pick up Tales from the Borderlands for $14.99/£11.99/€14.99.

To view everything on offer from the latest Xbox sale, make sure you visit the sales page, where you can filter games by genre, see ratings, and more.

Which games are you picking up this week? Let us know down below.
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Written by Sean Carey
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