No Man's Sky: Endurance is the 20th major free update

By Tom West,

No Man's Sky has been updated with its "20th free major update." Titled Endurance, the update focuses on freighters, frigates, and fleets while adding asteroid fields, interstellar-style black holes, and more.

Endurance, the 20th major update to be added to No Man's Sky, is now available for all players across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Game Pass, and soon-to-be Nintendo Switch. This update is packed full of new freighter content, like customisable windows, massive asteroid fields, and tons more. Check out the trailer below and read on to know what's just been added.

No Man's Sky Endurance update trailer

No Man's Sky: Endurance has completely overhauled freighters and fleets, which now allow you to work and live with your crew on the massive starships. The ships are huge bases for you to travel in and feature a number of themed areas for growing food and manufacturing new items, as well as allowing you to use warping and teleportation functions from the overhauled bridge, while also giving you a way of scanning planets from space.

On top of that, the freighters can now be customised with windows, portholes, and exterior sections for "increased flexibility, or just to admire the universe from." The universe itself now features massive asteroid fields that can appear on your screen by the thousands. Additionally, new interstellar-style black holes, nebulae, and space atmospherics have been added for you to explore. If you'd rather get stuck into some new missions when not exploring your new home in the stars, the Polestar expedition focuses on a capital ship voyage, and combat-focused Nexus missions, so that should keep you busy while Hello Games works on the next huge update.

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