Wipeout 2 Announced for Kinect

By litepink, 7 years ago
The TV game show Wipeout is famous for its crazy obstacles like the Big Balls and the Sucker Punch Wall. which makes traversing the course nearly impossible as well as humorous to viewers at home. The Kinect game, Wipeout In the Zone, offered gamers an opportunity to be a part of the game show, but from the safety of their own homes, saving yourself the injury and (some of) the humiliation.

Today, Activision and ABC Entertainment announced Wipeout 2 is on its way and promises to bring more crazy and hilarious fun to you. Wipeout 2 will feature both summer and winter courses, complete with over 50 obstacles. Spectator involvement is also included, as friends and family can throw snowballs and paintballs at you adding to the wildness. TV hosts John Anderson and John Henson pull double-duty as videogame hosts once again.

"I'm excited that the video game series is evolving just like our show," said Matt Kunitz, Wipeout's Creator and Executive Producer. "Players will experience all the fun of the new winter and summer courses without being sore in the morning!"

The current Wipeout In the Zone seems to offer an authentic experience if crazy difficulty is to be the judge. Currently only three gamers have completed it, earning all 4,708 TrueAchievements points and 1000 gamerscore. You can take your stab at the sequel, Wipeout 2, this holiday season.
Credit for this story goes to jack fenix