Sick of broken achievements? Here's how to report them

By Luke Albigés,

If you are tired of encountering achievements that don't unlock as intended, don't just suffer in silence — by reporting the issue through your Xbox or PC, you can boost awareness of the issue and hopefully encourage a fix.

It always sucks to run into achievements that don't unlock properly, whether it's unobtainables that simply don't work at all, achievements accidentally discontinued by dodgy patches, or even just buggy achievements that work fine for some but not others. Unbeknown to many, though, there is a system-level way to report broken achievements directly to Microsoft, and using it can help in potentially getting them fixed. Bear in mind that there's no point in reporting achievements in games that have been delisted, as these no longer fall under the same accountability regulation as other games. Also, there's no need to file reports for games if we know a fix is already on the way, and it may often be better to reach out to developers via their support channels and socials to see if they're working on anything before reporting the issue to Microsoft directly using this method.

How to report broken achievements on Xbox

First things first, you will need to download the Xbox Report a Problem app from the store on your console. Xbox Insiders should have this installed by default, but it's easily found on the store if you do not have it. Once it is installed, you will get a new 'report a problem' button on the menu that pops up when you hold down the Guide button on your controller. With the offending game running, go ahead and open that menu and hit the 'report' button — after a brief pause, you will be taken to the Report a Problem app.

Start by hitting 'Report new problem,' the 'Continue with standard diagnostics,' since the issue we are reporting is not AV-related. Next, select 'Games' from the dropdown menu, then choose the game in question, which should be at the top of the list as it will be the most recently played title. You'll then be able to choose to attach the screenshot and/or video that was captured when you first hit the report button (during that 'Gathering information' pause), so if you can initiate this process from a screen or sequence that actively shows the achievement not unlocking or being unlocked, even better. Otherwise, you can freely choose not to include these if they are not relevant. You then get the option of continuing with the text phase of the report either on console or via a mobile device, so it's up to you which you use. Enter a short, succinct title for your bug report — something like 'Master Chef achievement will not unlock' is fine — then go into a little more detail in the following text box. Here, explain the problem in as much detail as you feel is necessary, but try to keep things as simple as possible, and remember to always remain civil. This is not a place to vent, rather one to clearly outline an issue to help the team identify and hopefully fix it. Once you're done, just hit the 'submit' button, and that's it!

report broken achievements

If you play on PC, a similar process can be performed via the Microsoft Store app. From the help menu, start by selecting 'Send feedback.' In this case, the text part comes first, so get your straightforward title and brief description in then move onto the next step. Here, select 'Problem,' then rather than picking 'Gaming and Xbox,' select 'Apps' — this will allow you to then pick the problem game directly from the second dropdown menu rather than using the generic options found in the Gaming menu. Next is the 'Find similar feedback' step. If others have reported similar issues, you'll here be able to add your complaint to the rest, or you can post new feedback if it doesn't return anything related. Finally, you'll be given the option to go into more detail on the issue, so use this space to explain any additional specifics that might help identify and/or remedy the problem.

It's that simple! It's a pretty quick process, and anything that helps bring more attention to broken achievements can only be a good thing, and hopefully lead to some of them getting fixed. Happy reporting!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
Luke runs the TA news team, contributing where he can primarily with reviews and other long-form features — crafts he has honed across two decades of print and online gaming media experience, having worked with the likes of gamesTM, Eurogamer, Play, Retro Gamer, Edge, and many more. He loves all things Monster Hunter, enjoys a good D&D session, and has played way too much Destiny.
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