Rocket League gets wild with the Ford Bronco Raptor bundle

By Tom West,

Rocket League developer Psyonix has partnered with Ford to offer players a new purchasable bundle via the in-game store, with Ford also sponsoring the Rocket League World Championship in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Ford Bronco Raptor RLS bundle is now available to purchase in the Rocket League in-game store for a limited time. The bundle coincides with the Rocket League World Championship, which kicks off next weekend and sees Ford once again acting as an official sponsor.

The Rocket League World Championship kicks off soon

rocket league ford bronco raptor bundle

The Rocket League in-game store will be offering the Ford Bronko Raptor RLS bundle for 1,100 Credits between August 4th and August 16th, and gives players a chance to tear around the arenas in the latest Built Wild SUV. It's the world's first Ultra4 Racing-inspired SUV and happens to be Ford's most powerful street-legal Bronco to date. Within the limited-time bundle, you'll find the Ford Bronko Raptor RLE vehicle, as well its accompanying decal, engine audio, wheels, and Player Banner.

The partnership between Ford and Psyonix sees the two companies hosting the third Ford + Rocket League Freestyle Invitational, which features 12 of the game's best freestylers battling it out in North America for a $100,000 prize pool. The Invitational is currently ongoing and will culminate with the Grand Finals on August 13th when the leading players perform live onstage at the Rocket League World Championship at Dickies Arena.

The Rocket League World Championship on the other hand kicks off today, August 4th, with the Wild Card event and will continue through August 14th. You can watch all of the events via the official Rocket League Twitch channel.

Will you be purchasing a Ford Bronko Raptor RLE bundle or watching any of the events? Let us know down below!
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