Sea of Thieves gets 13 new achievements with Season Seven

By Heidi Nicholas,

Sea of Thieves Season Seven kicks off today, and we've just scanned in 13 new achievements for you to hunt as you take to the waves as a Captain.

We have just picked up the Season Seven achievement list for Sea of Thieves. There are 13 achievements worth a total of 300 Gamerscore, none of which are secret. We went through what's coming with Season Seven already, but it looks as though you'll need to embrace all aspects of Season Seven's update to get all of these achievements; selling loot to the Sovereigns, decorating a Captained ship, peeking at another Captain's logbook, and more. Some achievements, such as A Veteran Voyager, which asks you to complete 30 Captain's Voyages aboard a Captained ship, look like they might take a little longer, but Season Seven adds so much new stuff you'll probably be busy trying everything out anyway.

Sea of Thieves Season Seven achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
O Captain! Set sail on a Captained ship as one of the crew. 10
The Quartermaster Stock your ship with each type of supply from the Shipwright. 10
A Crewed Wisdom Read another crew's Captain's Logbook. 15
The Art Collector Place 15 trinkets aboard a Captained ship at once. 15
Ready for Next Time Save a fully decorated, Captained ship in the Ship Customisation Chest and Ship Flag Box. 15
Chasing the Horizon Spend 10 days at sea aboard a Captained ship, either as the Captain or one of the crew. 20
A Veteran Voyager Complete 30 Captain's Voyages aboard a Captained ship. 20
A Touch of Class Hand in 200 treasure items to the Sovereigns. 20
That's 'Captain', Mate... Set sail as a Captain of Adventure for the first time. 25
Spared No Expense Purchase a Cherished Trinket. 30
A Professional Pirate Unlock a Legendary Title by progressing your Pirate Milestones. 35
A Seasoned Ship Unlock a Legendary Ship Title by progressing your Ship Milestones. 35
A Fleeting Fancy Own 15 ships. 50
What do you think of these new achievements? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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