Hogwarts Legacy footage shows a hippogriff in danger

By Heidi Nicholas,

"An inside look at the Hogwarts Legacy game" was shown during the Autodesk Vision Series event, and snippets and images have popped up online, including a cutscene.

Autodesk Vision Series ran from August 3rd to the 4th, and included "an inside look" at Hogwarts Legacy. Images and other details have popped up across the HarryPotterGame subreddit, including a cutscene, which you can see below.

A Hogwarts Legacy cutscene has surfaced online

This footage was shared on YouTube by BNS_Victory [LEEUW] and was then posted to the HarryPotterGame subreddit and, as spotted by IGN, was also picked up by the Hogwarts Legacy News account.

The cutscene shows two students hiding and watching as three more wizards fight and subdue a hippogriff. The defeated hippogriff is dragged inside, and the two watchers split up: one to gather "the evidence," which sounds particularly intriguing, and the other to rescue the hippogriff. The clip ends with one student trapped outside and seemingly searching for a new way in.

It's the most we've seen of Hogwarts Legacy for some time — the Hogwarts Legacy DLC and early access details leaked a few months ago, and before that, the Hogwarts Legacy team changed things up with an ASMR video. Hogwarts Legacy is set to launch this holiday for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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