Beyond Good and Evil 2 not yet beyond hope

By Heidi Nicholas,

Beyond Good and Evil 2 now has a new lead writer, bringing attention back to Ubisoft's upcoming action-adventure game, news of which has been sparse over the last few years.

The last we heard of Beyond Good and Evil 2 recently was when Ubisoft said Beyond Good and Evil 2 had just passed an "important internal milestone" in 2020, and that it would show more in 2021. Then when 2021 rolled around, Ubisoft assured players that Beyond Good and Evil 2 was still in development, although it was "too early" to discuss the game. Now, out of the silence that followed 2021's small update, we learn that Beyond Good and Evil 2 has a new lead writer.
beyond good and evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 gets a new lead writer

Sarah Arellano — whose previous work includes World of Warcraft — shared the news about her new role as lead writer on Beyond Good and Evil 2 on Twitter. It's good to see any update on Ubisoft's game, which has been a long time coming. Since the game's announcement, news on Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been scarce — perhaps with a new lead writer working on it, we can hope for more updates on how it's progressing.

Aside from that, all we know about the game is what we're told on the Beyond Good and Evil 2 site — that we'll "encounter unforgettable characters in a stunning new planetary system, as you struggle for freedom and the right to determine your own fate among the stars."

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Heidi Nicholas
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