Hitman 3 brings flower power in August

By Tom West,

Hitman 3's August roadmap has been revealed by IO Interactive and it brings with it a month full of flower-themed events, a few changes to the Elusive Target Arcade, and more. Here's what we know...

August is a wonderful month for flora, as the weather begins to cool (ever so slightly) and the sun cooks their delicate petals a little less, flowers of all colours are generally given the opportunity to blossom to their fullest. In the spirit of the wonderful time of year, Agent 47 will be embarking on some flower-themed events in Hitman 3 this month, as well as handling the Elusive Target Arcade a little differently.

Hitman 3 August roadmap details

hitman 3 year 2 august roadmap details

Hitman 3's August roadmap kicked off yesterday, August 4th, with a slight change to the Elusive Target Arcade, which now offers targets from all three games in the trilogy within each batch of offerings, and you don't need to own the previous two games to access them. You also received The Dyads and the Diabolicals Elusive Target Arcades — a new mode that tasks you with taking on The Deceivers, The Procurers, and The Surgeons in Dyads, and The Serial Killer, The Heartbreaker, and Mr Giggles aka The Entertainer in the Diabolicals. Completing just two of the new Arcades will see you rewarded with the pink and black patterned Ruby Rude Track Suit.

Today, August 5th, you can take out chef and embalmer duo, The Procurers, while they're staying in Dartmoor, but they'll only be there for ten days, so you'll need to move fast if you hope to claim the bounty on their heads. Continuing with a focus on Dartmoor, August 11th will bring the Dartmoor Garden Show to Hitman 3. The show will include four distinct gardens within the mansion's grounds for a competition, and you'll have until August 31st to unlock The Floral Baller suppressed handgun by attending the show. Once you've had a look at the spectacular gardens on show, why not head over to Colorado, thanks to it being the next free map rotation? It'll be available between August 11th and August 31st.

hitman 3 year 2 august roadmap details

Right off the back of beautiful scenery, you'll have a chance to put a bullet between the eyes of someone that probably deserves it on August 12th, when The Ex-Dictator and his wife The Gold Digger become Elusive Targets. Head to where they're staying in Bangkok and do the world a favour, won't you?

On August 19th you'll be tasked with taking down a target that's not only hard to find, but also surrounded by hostiles. The Chameleon will be added as an Elusive Target, but make sure you've got everything you need before heading to Colorado to find him.

The colourful celebrations will culminate on August 25th with the 'Flower Power' Community Features Contracts. You'll have the opportunity to create your own contracts to the theme of 'Flower Power,' which IOI says can be interpreted any way you wish. A submission thread will be added to the Hitman forum closer to the time if you'd like a chance at having your creation featured.

Will you be joining in with these flowery celebrations? Let us know down below!
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