Commandos 3 HD Remaster achievements spotted early

By Luke Albigés,

Fan favourite stealth/strategy game Commandos 3 is getting a makeover and heading to Xbox Game Pass soon, and we've got some early intel in the form of the remaster's achievement list. [updated]

Update: Commandos 3's remaster might be coming sooner than expect — our scanners have pulled in a release date of August 30th, so it may well hit Xbox Game Pass in just a few weeks.

Original story: Kalypso announced Commandos 3 - HD Remaster back in June, along with a September release window and news that it would be a day-one drop into Xbox Game Pass with Xbox Cloud Gaming support. The remaster takes steps to make the challenging game a little more accessible, with a new Rookie difficulty level and an improved tutorial to help players find their feet.

Now, we have picked up the Commandos 3 - HD Remaster achievement list before we even have a confirmed release date. There are 39 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Commandos 3 - HD Remaster achievement list

Name Description Gamerscore
The First of Many Steps Complete the Training missions. 30
Sniper Showdown Complete Eliminate the Sniper mission. 20
The General Must Live! Complete Protect General O’Donnell mission. 20
No Mercy for Traitors Complete Kill the Traitor mission. 20
From Russia with Love Complete Stalingrad Campaign. 30
A Rainy Day Complete Infiltrate the Station mission. 20
Back on Track Complete Board the Train mission. 20
No Time to Waste Complete Stop bomb deployment mission. 20
Train Rider Complete Get to the Engine mission. 20
This Town is Ours Complete Take Control of the Town mission. 20
The Wrong Neighbourhood Complete Ambush the Convoy mission. 20
The Heart of the Conflict Complete Central Europe Campaign. 30
Killing in the Shadows Complete Cripple Nazi Support mission. 20
Bombing from the Deep Complete Destroy the Warship mission. 20
Sand and Bullets Complete Storm the Beach mission. 20
The French Trip Complete Normandy Campaign. 30
A Good Start Complete all missions in Rookie mode. 40
That’s a Hero Complete all mission in Original mode. 40
Mad Bomber Kill 10 enemies using a grenade/bomb. 20
It’s Nap Time! Stun 10 enemies. 20
Not on my Watch Kill 5 enemies in cover mode. 20
Slice and Dice Kill 10 enemies using the knife. 20
Hawk Eye Kill 10 enemies using the Sniper Rifle. 20
Better Walking Destroy 5 vehicles using the bazooka. 30
Smokey! Burn 5 enemies using the flamethrower. 30
Doctor Sleepy Kill an enemy using the syringe. 20
The Big Boom Kill 3 enemies at once using a grenade / bomb. 30
Silent but Deadly Strangle an enemy with the piano wire. 30
Who’s a Good Boy? Put a dog to sleep. 20
Keep Going, Soldier! Die 25 times. 20
No Looking Back! Complete a mission without saving or loading. 40
One Step at a Time Complete a mission with less than 5 saves. 30
Sticky, Oily Stuff Detonate 5 barrels. 20
Underwater Hound Deactivate all the submarine mines in Destroy the Warship mission. 20
Blow Them Up! Kill 3 enemies at once using the bazooka. 30
The Rocket Master Kill 5 enemies using the bazooka. 20
Sneaky Sneaky Hide inside a vehicle. 20
Expert Driver Kill an enemy with a vehicle. 30
Medal of Honor Unlock all the achievements. 70
Interested in returning to the battlefield to check this out when it lands in Xbox Game Pass next month? Let us know!
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