Saints Row: How to get a tank early

By Luke Albigés,

Saints Row is all about over-the-top open world action, so if you're looking for a little extra firepower, why not consider commandeering a tank? Here's how you can get your hands on some military kit relatively early in the game.

Players just starting out in Saints Row might not have much at their disposal in the way of weapons and vehicles. But as soon as you've got your hideout and have started to expand your criminal empire, it isn't too difficult to add a tank to your list of available assets. Who doesn't want a tank?

How to get a tank in Saints Row

Every faction in Saints Row has a mini-boss that spawns once you hit maximum notoriety with them. For the three other gangs, this is just a challenging unique enemy, but for the Santo Ileso police, that boss is an Adversary tank. As with other mini-bosses, destroying this will reset all notoriety, but that's not going to be easy without a tricked-our arsenal. Instead, what if we wanted to simply steal this tank? Doing so does not end the chase like destroying it would, so we need an alternate way to lose the cops without despawning the Adversary in the process.

Fortunately, once you have progressed the story enough to claim a safehouse and your first criminal enterprise, you've got enough on your side to give this a go. The area around your church hideout also resets notoriety upon entering it, so we have the basics of a plan — wind up the police enough that they send a tank after you, steal it, and take it home. Naturally, you'll want to start this process as close to your base as possible and wreak as much havoc as possible. Try to avoid killing enemies who are calling for backup as you want and need them to keep coming to reach the fifth notoriety tier. Early in the game, escalating to max notoriety is easier in vehicles, as you likely won't have much in the way of firepower or health to survive the chaos on foot. When you do eventually get the Adversary tank to appear, all you need to do it avoid its shelling (it has a long reload time you can use to your advantage) and take out the gunner, then it's as easy to steal as any other vehicle. Hop in, head back to base to reset aggro, and you're all set.

If you want to make the Adversary tank yours to keep, you'll need to have progressed far enough into the game to either have JimRob's garage working for you, or have a garage in the base itself. The latter is Easy Mode — nick the tank, head home to lose the police, and just park it up in the garage to make it yours for good. Using JimRob's place is a little trickier but still possible. After taking the tank home for a clean slate, you'll need to carefully drive it south to JR's garage after losing the cops (anything you touch will likely explode and catch some heat, so go steady) to park it there. The backlot of JR's place makes a great stash spot for the tank if you do get some police or gang attention — it just fits in and should be pretty safe there as you try to get rid of any unwanted attention, as vehicles cannot be stored while in combat. After things eventually calm down, carefully take it back out front and leave it in the garage, then you can use the Adversary tank whenever you like!

Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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