High on Life to include 20+ Roiland shorts and four full movies

By Luke Albigés,

Justin Roiland's crazy shooter High on Life will apparently be loaded with extra content when it launches on Xbox in December — players can enjoy a bunch of original animated shorts, as well as four licensed movies.

High on Life was recently delayed from October to December, but it sounds like it will be packed with crazy content when it does arrive. Speaking to IGN, Squanch Games executive producer Matty Studivan revealed a typically bizarre inclusion for players who want to take a little downtime from the bounty-hunting we saw in the talkative Gamescom Opening Night Live gameplay footage. "We have a TV in the living room in the game, and you can sit down and watch it," he explains. "You know, Justin has been wanting to get back to Interdimensional Cable, which is a very popular Rick & Morty thing, so we're trying to sort of emulate that, and we've made a bunch of animated shorts."

High on Life has its own version of Rick & Morty's Interdimensional Cable

Studivan goes on to reveal that on top of more than 20 original shorts, High on Life will also include four feature-length licensed movies, including Tammy and the T-Rex and with three other so-called 'Z-grade' films, so you can put your feet up and watch some nonsense if you need a break from playing the nonsense. Reminds us of The Darkness, in which you could chill out and watch the full 1962 movie adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird, only here with the crazy dialled all the way up... not that we'd expect anything less from Roiland.

Looking forward to seeing what other surprises High on Life might have up its sleeve when it launches into Xbox Game Pass on December 13th? Let us know!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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