SoulCalibur V Gamescom Character Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Four days ago, Namco Bandai released a trailer at Gamescom for the latest instalment in their SoulCalibur franchise. This trailer confirmed the return to SoulCalibur V of four warriors from previous games. Now, we can provide screenshots and concept art for those of you who were unable to watch the trailer.

First up we have Hildegard von Krone, or Hilde for short. Hilde was the daughter of the ruler of Wolfkrone, a fictional European kingdom. She first appeared in

20/8/11 Hilde concept art

20/8/11 Hilde screenshot 2

20/8/11 Hilde screenshot 1

Secondly we have Maxi, a wandering pirate from Shuri in the Ryukyu Kingdom. Fans will recognise Maxi as a long-term franchise stalwart, having appeared in all of the games from the very first SoulCalibur.

20/8/11 Maxi concept art

20/8/11 Maxi screenshot 4

20/8/11 Maxi screenshot 3

20/8/11 Maxi screenshot 2

20/8/11 Maxi screenshot 1

Next up is Tira, who first appeared in SoulCalibur III. She is a loyal servant of the evil Soul Edge.

20/8/11 Tira concept art

20/8/11 Tira screenshot 4

20/8/11 Tira screenshot 3

20/8/11 Tira screenshot 2

20/8/11 Tira screenshot 1

Finally, we have Voldo. This character is the longest serving of all of the characters revealed at Gamescom, having appeared in the series since Soul Edge, the game that preceded SoulCalibur and was the first in the Soul series of games.

20/8/11 Voldo screenshot 4

20/8/11 Voldo screenshot 3

20/8/11 Voldo screenshot 2

20/8/11 Voldo screenshot 1

If the character screenshots weren't enough for you, here are a couple of environmental screenshots too:

20/8/11 Roma

20/8/11 Fortress

SoulCalibur V is due to be released in early 2012.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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