Armored Core V Online Battle at Gamescom

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The last we heard of Armored Core V, it made a relatively quiet appearance at E3 with just a trailer to mark the fact that the game had even been there at all. Not so at Gamescom - the 14th game in the Armored Core franchise and the third to appear on the Xbox 360 has arrived, and is armed with gameplay videos, a trailer and screenshots.

For this instalment, developer From Software has increased their focus on a more robust single player campaign. The first of the gameplay videos shows off the new single player campaign, but be warned; the video is in the developer's native Japanese language.

The multiplayer aspect of the game is also getting an overhaul. The focus is now based on faster, larger team battles. The Online Battle trailer, now in English, that has arrived out of Gamescom shows you exactly what the developer means by 'faster':

If that was a bit too frenetic for you to understand exactly what was going on, have a look at this much longer Team Play gameplay demonstration. As with the single player example, the game itself is in the developer's native Japanese, but the players are English speakers, and there is a commentary provided by English subtitles.

Finally, there are those promised screenshots. Four of the multiplayer maps are on display, as well as the menu system. Let's have a quick look at that menu system:

20/8/11 Menu Weapon

20/8/11 Menu Mining Area

20/8/11 Menu Buried Facility

20/8/11 Menu Abandoned City

20/8/11 Menu Alpine Base

The four maps that are mentioned in those screenshots are showcased below:

Mining Area
20/8/11 Mining Area 1

20/8/11 Mining Area 2

Buried Facility
20/8/11 Buried Facility 1

20/8/11 Buried Facility 2

Alpine Base
20/8/11 Alpine Base 1

20/8/11 Alpine Base 4

20/8/11 Alpine Base 3

20/8/11 Alpine Base 2

Abandoned City
20/8/11 Abandoned City 2

20/8/11 Abandoned City 1

20/8/11 Abandoned City 3

Armored Core V is due to be released sometime in 2012.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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