Xbox Game Pass adding four more Skybound Games titles soon

By Luke Albigés,

Xbox Game Pass is set to get another injection of new games soon, with Skybound Games adding four of its games including one newly-announced game that will be a day-one addition next year.

Skybound Games has announced four new Xbox Game Pass additions, most of which should be joining the service in the not-too-distant future. Three existing titles — The Walking Dead: The Final Season, The Big Con, and Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan — will be added to the Game Pass library this year, with newly announced magical farming game Homestead Arcana set to join them on day one when it launches in 2023.

Four Skybound Games titles heading to Xbox Game Pass

Skybound has previously put some of its other games into Game Pass, including other The Walking Dead titles and Escape Academy, and now it has another set of its games coming to Xbox Game Pass. Rainbow Billy is a colourful cartoon-style adventure (although it does currently have one unobtainable achievement with a fix in the works), The Walking Dead: The Final Season is more classic Telltale point-and-click action and a straightforward completion, while The Big Con is a neon 90s-themed fleece-'em-up which we loved when we dropped our review back at launch. Homestead Arcana, meanwhile, is a newly-announced farming sim with a mystical twist, with the trailer showing off as much magic and mystery as it does actual farming.

Looking forward to any of these new additions to the Xbox Game Pass library? Let us know!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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