TA Gaming Stats - August 15th to August 21st 2011

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Welcome back for yet another week of depressingly low numbers. Oppressively hot summer temperatures would, normally, keep people inside playing video games. I'm getting the feeling that the weather is only that bad where I'm at (southeast US), as it seems like a lot of you aren't actually unlocking achievements.

Except for XBLA achievements that is.

This report is for the period August 15th to August 21st 2011.

Games Started
27,661 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 44,947 games between them (1,418 different games).

Holy tiny numbers Batman!

The hurdle to clear for placement on this week's chart was not particularly high, and so most of the recent large releases placed. No title here can touch the cumulative total of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, though both Portal 2 and L.A. Noire are on pace.

Shadows of the Damned may not have been a "commercial success" but just under five thousand total gamers have picked it up here on TA alone. Here's hoping for continued word of mouth bolstering Suda51's homage to grindhouse films.

Top Retail Games Started

Who would've thought that all five of the Summer of Arcade titles would be in the top five? Everyone.

As the first Kinect arcade title, Fruit Ninja Kinect is creating a very high bar for others to follow this Fall. Toy Soldiers: Cold War made a very impressive showing, though it remains ten thousand gamers behind its predecessor. I am certain that an extra year of sales and some Deal of the Week discounts will show Toy Soldiers: Cold War as just a big as success.

Finally, despite harder achievements, Doritos Crash Course has officially claimed the Doritos championship this year, increasing its popularity over Harms Way yet again. The gap between the two games now sits at 600 gamers.

Top Arcade Games Started

Minesweeper (WP) is number one for most started WP7 title and would have even placed as number two on the most started retail chart. This is all *before* Minesweeper was made available worldwide. One can only imagine how many will start it in time for next week's stats.

Top Windows Phone 7 Games Started

Games Completed
7,049 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 9,942 games between them (1,003 different games).

Looking at this chart made me realize just how sick I am of seeing the same games, over and over. Wake me when September ends.

Top Retail Games Completed

I was one of those Bastion (Xbox 360) completions! Loved that game as it reminded me of the PS1 RPG, Legend of Mana.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War is easier to complete than Toy Soldiers. This is a proven fact. Why? Well, as of today (August 28th), Toy Soldiers: Cold War is supporting a completion % of 10.79%, with 405 gamers having finished it. Toy Soldiers? 5.67% completion rate with 774 gamers having completed it.

Top Arcade Games Completed

Show of hands, how many people used guides to complete Sudoku (WP)? My grandfather could demolish that game.

Top Windows Phone 7 Games Completed

Achievements Won
53,136 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 671,446 achievements online between them (39,523 different achievements).

Blah blah blah DLC blah blah blah.

As with the retail completions, wake me when September ends.

Top Retail Achievements Won

Now this is different. Toy Soldiers: Cold War has executed a sweep! Not even Fruit Ninja Kinect could weasel in onto the bottom of the chart. The Cold War is all encompassing, much like the icy grip it had on 80's action movies.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

IonBallEX (WP) broke up the free game's attempt at a sweep. Ironic it was done with an achievement named "I Am Spartacus".

Top Windows Phone 7 Achievements Won

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre

This is more like it. Strategy has claimed a spot towards the top of the genres while Miscellaneous and Flight are exiled to "genres not appearing in this post" status. I wonder if Sports will be claiming the top spot soon with the annual Madden release? Not next week of course, but the week after.

  • Shooter5,330,788
  • Action-Adventure4,824,790
  • Role-Playing2,258,441
  • Sports1,853,765
  • Action1,649,423
  • Racing1,203,037
  • Strategy717,206
  • Platformer658,259
  • Music & Rhythm553,193
  • Puzzle400,841

Join me for another exciting installment next week as we marvel at the same exact retail games being played, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.