Deathloop's buggy achievements are causing headaches for players

By Sean Carey,

With Deathloop out now on Xbox and included with Xbox Game Pass, we're seeing loads of players happily exploring the mysterious island of Blackreef, but we're also seeing plenty of reports around buggy Deathloop achievements.

Arkane has just released a hotfix for Deathloop that addresses performance issues with the Microsoft Store PC version of the game, and resolves "various bugs and crashes on all platforms." It's unclear if this solves any achievement issues, however.

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Here on TrueAchievements around 53,000 of you have started Deathloop, with nearly 180 fully unlocking each of the Deathloop achievements. However, it seems that some players are encountering numerous buggy achievements, stopping them from getting a completion.

Players report buggy Deathloop achievements

We are seeing loads of reports, not just in our forums, but from all across different social media about Deathloop's buggy achievements. While some players aren't experiencing any issues at all, others have found that some achievements just simply won't unlock after meeting their requirements.

From what we can tell, it seems that most of the broken achievements relate to completing certain missions, though there are outliers. Players report issues unlocking Baby, You're a Firework, Beyond The Horizon, One Perfect Day, Don't Mind Me, Dead Drop, Sugar Crash, Egoraphobia, and Cleanish Hands, though there are likely more buggy achievements out there.

It's unclear what's causing these achievements to not unlock. Some theorise it could be down to Quick Resume, which is a pretty fair assumption considering the feature does impact achievements in other games. When the game launched on PlayStation, there were numerous reports then about buggy Deathloop trophies, so maybe Arkane just hasn't addressed those issues with the Xbox version. Whatever the case may be, you might want to wait until Arkane rolls out a patch or two.

The issues don't stop there with Deathloop. Players have also been reporting poor performance in the PC Microsoft Store version of the game and frequent crashes on Xbox consoles, though Arkane has acknowledged these issues and will be providing an update as soon as possible.

Are you encountering any achievement issues with Deathloop? Do you think it should be included in our list of best Game Pass games? Let us know down in the comments.
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