A third of Xbox Deathloop players haven't beaten the tutorial

By Luke Albigés,

Deathloop has proven a popular addition to Game Pass after finally arriving on Xbox last month, but achievement data suggests that almost a third of players haven't even managed to unlock the first achievement yet.

We know that some of the Deathloop achievements have been buggy for many people, but we'd still expect significantly more than 67% of players to have made it through the game's brief opening tutorial to unlock the first achievement on the list. Still, according to Xbox achievement data, that's the case, with a third of players apparently having yet to start the loop, let alone break it.

One third of Deathloop players haven't unlocked the first achievement

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Deathloop's Gooooood Morning, Blackreef! achievement unlocks just minutes into the game, at the end of a linear tutorial that teaches basic movement and mechanics. Yet somehow, it appears that around a third of all Xbox players haven't managed to make it that far to pop the first of many secret story-related achievements. It's not uncommon to see unlock ratios go a little screwy in games after coming to Game Pass, since people can just hop in freely and bounce out as they see fit, but it's still surprising to see such a significant number of players failing to even make a slight dent in the game.

DeathloopGooooood Morning, Blackreef!The Gooooood Morning, Blackreef! achievement in Deathloop worth 15 pointsEscaped to Updaam.

It's not entirely an Xbox quirk either, and if we look at equivalent PlayStation trophy, we also see 13% of players without the unlock. This is probably due to a similar effect after joining PS Plus in September, as people are far less likely to bounce off a full-price exclusive, and sure enough, the number drops to just 8% going by the Steam achievements. Tracked players across our sites naturally fare considerably better, mind, with just 3% of TA players, 1% on TrueTrophies, and 0.4% on TrueSteamAchievements missing this first milestone.

Surprised to see so many people failing to make it into the loop to give Deathloop a proper go? Or maybe you're among the many who bounced off the game before unlocking anything? Let us know!
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