No Man's Sky update adds Relaxed mode

By Heidi Nicholas,

No Man's Sky's latest update is live now, adding "hundreds of improvements and additions which streamline and positively impact on the core gameplay for new, returning and core travellers alike."

No Man's Sky's WayPoint update has arrived, with a number of changes and improvements. Check out the trailer below:

No Man's Sky drops WayPoint update

The WayPoint update "represents a major milestone in No Man’s Sky’s development," says Hello Games founder Sean Murray. There's a new Relaxed mode, which the devs say "provides an accessible, laid-back experience" that is "perfect for players who want to experience all facets of gameplay, from story to survival to combat, with reduced danger and minimal grind." Then there's custom game modes — "launch into the action quickly with an existing difficulty preset, or tinker with everything from economy to combat challenge to survival difficulty to perfect your experience." No Man's Sky will also save your game more often with a "continual auto-saving system."

You can send your own trade rocket to sell stuff on the Galactic Trade Network, while the level cap for your ship, weapon, freighter, and more has been increased. The Information Portal, meanwhile, means "returning players who perhaps haven’t been back for an update or two, will find a useful recap informing them of exactly where they were making their re-entry smoother." The Survival mode has been "ramped-up" for an even greater challenge — there is a lot involved with this update, and you can check out everything in its entirety on the No Man's Sky site.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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