Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire seasonal adventure announced

By Tom West,

Minecraft Dungeons players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC can dive into the animal-filled third seasonal adventure, Fauna Faire, next week to earn a host of rewards.

Mojang has revealed only a few titbits of information about the upcoming third seasonal adventure as it'll be shown in full on October 15th. However, there is still plenty to get excited about. The Fauna Faire seasonal adventure kicks off next week, October 19th, for Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It's also playable with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscriptions.

Minecraft Dungeons' animal-themed seasonal adventure kicks off soon

Fauna Faire will bring new cosmetic items and game modes to Minecraft Dungeons, alongside free and paid reward tracks for you to work through. It's the third seasonal adventure to be brought to the RPG and it'll be focussing on cute critters. Within both reward tracks, you'll find a host of animal-themed cosmetic items, skins, and pets to add to your collection. Additionally, you'll find the Enchantsmith in the Adventure Hub, who'll offer you a service that re-rolls properties on your gear.

As for gameplay, Fauna Faire will be offering a new way to play The Tower game mode and will add Treetop Tangle, a new free level. A new multiplayer mode will be added to The Tower, tasking you and up to three other companions to work as a team in an attempt to thwart the threats within and ascend to the top. Treetop Tangle, on the other hand, is an explorable level on the Jungle Island, and features a climbable giant tree that contains "some previously undiscovered pieces of gear."

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