Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Trailers & Screens

By Ashley Woodcock, 7 years ago
Celebrating the release today of the highly anticipated Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Capcom have released a new launch trailer, alongside a couple of gameplay trailers and screenshots.

The screens showcase just a few of the fighters facing off against each other, including the ultimate legends Ken and Ryu, and the much feared and crazy Akuma is also caught in action uppercutting the living Ying out of Yang. At the left side of some of the screens, you can see the new challenges that players can complete during matches to earn themselves 'Vault Points'; these points can be redeemed and used to unlock in-game content, such as art and in-game movies.

Here's five new jaw-breaking screens:

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

Released alongside the screens is the launch trailer itself, showing off the beautifully back-breaking, frantic in-air combo-executing, parry-busting action we expect to see from the title.

Check it out:

Want more? Yeah, me too. Here's a gameplay trailer for the new title, which shows one of my personal favourite fighters, Ryu, square off against Dudley. Be prepared for some sweet combos, parrys and Dudley's 'Special Art' attack:

Well that was a dissapointing result, for me anyway.

Here's gameplay trailer number two, which sees Hugo face-off against Alex. Hugo comes with a potentially devastating first attack before the fight even starts, but luckily Alex manages to block it. In this trailer, these heavy fighters take the more personal approach with some fireball-less action, using some sweet looking grapple and close-contact moves.

Here's the trailer:

No problem for Hugo when it comes to impressing the ladies!

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition is available now for 1200 MSP and can be downloaded right here
Ashley Woodcock
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