Peter Molyneux & Milo - The Cold Truth

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
I'm sure as many of you are aware, Peter Molyneux, along with "Project Natal" and "Milo" nearly stole the show for Microsoft at E3 last week. For those of you who missed the video which captured gamers' imaginations around the world, it can be found here:

Now, the irony of what I am about to tell you is that it comes to light almost directly after Zenquen's humourous yet witty article was published to our homepage - What if Peter Molyneux had made...

According to Spike's VP of Content and editor-in-chief, Shane Satterfield, there was a some serious deception with Milo when they were sent behind the scenes to demo it. Satterfield stated that the select few of whom were allowed behind closed doors were instructed to follow the exact instructions that were shown in the initial video. He also said that there was definitely someone controlling and influencing Milo behind the scenes. Satterfield's direct words on the matter were:

"All I’m going to say about Milo is that its not legit. there were a lot of smoke and mirrors going on there, not the case with the ball demo [Ricochet] and the other stuff but with Milo there was definitely a little bit of deception going on."

However that's not all - Satterfield later revealed the voice recognition shown in the demonstration was misleading. Peter Molyneux bluntly told him that the voice recognition does not actually understand what the player is saying, rather it reacts to the player's tone of voice. Molyneux further explained that Milo only says "rudimentary open-ended statements" that will fit into whatever the player's "tone" is. In summary, Natal's voice recognition capability is only theory, and seems to be incapable of achieving what Peter Molyneux so passionately portrayed to millions of gamers around the world.

This isn't to say that the technology used in Project Natal's cam is subpar. The new technology is far superior to the Xbox Live vision cam in it's depth & motion detection, as well as the detection of sound through it's dedicated mic despite range. The problem is that the coveted software which Molyneux promised isn't what we thought it would be.

Lastly, it is important to note that Molyneux is a visionary and pioneer to the gaming industry. No one yet has been able to bring out passion and imaginations of gamers as well as he does. But perhaps next time, we won't be so gullable in believing what he promises until we see solid evidence.