Final Fantasy XIII-2 Narrated Trailers

By Lexley Ford, 8 years ago
Square Enix have recently released a new video for their forthcoming title, Final Fantasy XIII-2, the direct sequel to last year's Final Fantasy XIII. Many of you may notice this new video contains no new footage; that is because it is a compilation of the various trailers already released for Final Fantasy XIII-2, but now with added commentary from the game's creators.

In previous announcements, we have brought you close-ups of main character Lightning. New character Noel features in battle, as well as further action shots, along with some great looking scenery. During July, Square Enix released more pictures showing off the game's environment, as well as more character close-ups. Most recently, we got a look at some Moogle related pictures.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due to be released in Japan in December 2011, January 2012 in North America and sometime in early 2012 in Europe.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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