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By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Black Wing Foundation's Scivelation is one of those games that few of you are likely to have heard about. Announced back in October 2009, the game was initially intended for PC and "next-gen consoles", before being confirmed as a certainty for the Xbox 360 a month later. The game originally had a release date for Q3 2010, but after everything went quiet and the game missed its release date completely, most assumed that the game was just the latest example of vapourware.

They assumed wrong. Nearly two years since the last news on the game, the third-person shooter made an appearance at Gamescom, complete with a new trailer. Taking its influence from the works of Orwell, Milton and Dante, the game throws players into a dystopian future, where a powerful regime has caused widespread oppression:

In the distant future, the world is rocked to its core by the arrival of the Apocalypse. Though many predicted the ultimate confrontation between the Forces of Good and Evil, no one foresaw that the two forces would eliminate each other and leave the world in ruin. From the ashes of this catastrophic event, a new global government, known as the Regime, rose to power to fill the void left by the previous conflict. However, the Regime uses its militaristic power to spread its oppressive ideologies throughout the world and demands unquestionable obedience from all its subjects. Yet, there are some who refuse to follow in step with the Regime's global vision. Known simple as "the Resistance," this band of freedom fighter seeks to liberate the world from the oppressive rule of the government. United in their desire to stop the Regime, around the globe, Resistance cells disrupt the Regime war machine and bring truth to the world otherwise bombarded by propaganda.
Players will take on the roles of two characters. Grizzled combat veteran Mikhail Ivanov is the Captain of the Moscow Resistance Cell. Using cover, tactics and Mikhail's cybernetic enhancements, players attempt to further their advantage over their enemies in a "positional shooter" style of gameplay. When Mikhail is under heavy fire, he can switch to his defensive state, which makes him slower but able to absorb more damage. He can then push forward or retreat to cover when normal characters would have been killed.

Screenshot 3

The second character is former scientist Elisha Amano. Her research on the perfection of the human genome in an attempt to eradicate disease led to the creation of the Omega Virus. Now infused with this virus herself, Elisha's genetic makeup has changed, and she can now use stealth, covert operations and assassination techniques to defeat her enemies. One of her most useful skills is her Chameleon state, where the character becomes relatively invisible and can use shadow advantages to perform stealth kills with relative ease. She is a huge threat to commanding figures, as she can easily move through her enemies and eliminate those in charge of a squad.

Screenshot 2

Players are rewarded with Prestige points for eliminating enemies, clearing objectives, and finding hidden items. These points can be used to upgrade the characters weapons, purchase new abilities or upgrade existing abilities, so that players can upgrade the characters to suit their own play style.

Screenshot 1

Here is that new trailer:

Scivelation is now due to be released in 2012.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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