Gears of War to get Netflix film adaptation and animated series

By Heidi Nicholas,

Netflix has partnered with The Coalition and is working on two Gears of War projects — "with the potential for more" — including a live action feature film adapted from the games, and an adult animated series to follow.

Netflix says its partnership with The Coalition marks the 16th anniversary of Gears of War's launch. Currently, that live action film and animated series has been confirmed, but Netflix also hints that there is "the potential for more stories to follow."
gears of war netflix movie

Netflix partners with The Coalition for Gears of War projects

We don't yet have any details about this upcoming live action film or the animated series, or any hint of a release window — although we know the animated series will follow the film — so it seems we'll have a bit of a wait on our hands before we have a chance to see the results of Netflix's partnership with The Coalition.

Netflix has been busy with game adaptations; a Bioshock film adaptation is on the way and its Tekken: Bloodline show is already out. On the other hand, however, Netflix's Resident Evil series was cancelled after only one season.

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Heidi Nicholas
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