Green Day for Rock Band?

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 9 years ago
During an interview on KROQ Radio yesterday Green Day were asked if any of their tracks would be seen on Rock Band. Billie Joe Armstrong responded with a confident:

"Uh yeah, we're doing a whole Green Day Rock Band...uh."

A whole Green Day Rock Band? It seems the band themselves are unsure, but it looks like we will see them jumping on the Rock Band wagon in some way, shape or form. Whether it be as a Track Pack or a dedicated disc.

Billie Joe also revealed what he knew about the release of the tracks:

"Uhhh... I'm not sure...soon. Like I think not this week, but this year the end of this year."

To hear the interview, please use the external link and listen to 'Part 5' of the Green Day interview on the bottom left of the page. The Rock Band part of the interview is just after 7:00 in.

There have been reports of some naughty people seeing files in relation to Green Day songs in Harmonix's files. The songs that these are rumoured to relate to are:

American Idiot
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Brain Stew
Hitchin' A Ride
Nice Guys Finish Last
She's A Rebel
St. Jimmy
Walking Contradiction
Welcome To Paradise
When I Come Around

There is also some confusion over whether or not this is simply in relation to the PSP title 'Rock Band Unplugged', although it seems unlikely that all of the above would be purely for the hand held version. For more information on the rumoured 'file' leak, please see:
Credit for this story goes to SebastianSB