Halo Infinite drops new map from rotation hours after Winter Update

By Sean Carey,

Developer 343 Industries has temporarily removed a new map from matchmaking in Halo Infinite just hours after it went live with the new Winter Update.

Halo Support confirmed on Twitter that Argyle, a new multiplayer map added to Halo Infinite with the recent Winter Update, has now been temporarily removed from matchmaking due to crash issues.

Halo Infinite temporarily removes new Argyle map from matchmaking due to crashes

"Due to crashes, the map Argyle has been temporarily removed from Halo Infinite matchmaking, Halo Support said. "The team is actively investigating this crash & Argyle will return to matchmaking once this issue is resolved. Stay tuned here for updates & thanks for submitting tickets!"

Argyle is one of two new multiplayer maps that 343 Industries built to show off the capabilities of Halo Infinite's Forge mode. While 343 has removed Argyle from matchmaking to alleviate the problem, players on the game's subreddit and on Twitter are reporting further crashes elsewhere in Halo Infinite since the update, so it seems that the issue might not be limited to just the Argyle map.

In other Halo Infinite news, 343 Industries quietly removed Bot Bootcamp with the Winter Update, fixed the headmaster achievement (though, the fix isn't retroactive), and promised that the FPS would be getting a regular stream of content in 2023.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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