Sonic CD Dashes in with Announcement Trailer

By litepink,
The existence of Sonic CD for XBLA was casually revealed in a blog post by Major Nelson detailing the Xbox 360 booth at PAX. Today we now have an announcement trailer from SEGA for the upcoming Sonic port:

You might have noticed too, at the end of the trailer, that Windows Phone was listed along with the Xbox LIVE Arcade platform. Now fans will be able to get achievements on two platforms, as well as on the go. The trailer was short on hard details, but we do know that Sonic CD will feature widescreen support, as well as both the US and the JPN/EU soundtracks. SEGA promises more is in store.

The trailer proclaims that Sonic CD will arrive "this holiday." As always, when we found out more on price, release date(s), and details we'll let you know.