Halo: Combat Evolved's Blood Gulch map recreated in Halo Infinite

By Tom West,

Halo Infinite's Forge mode was only added on Tuesday, as part of the long-awaited Winter Update that also added campaign co-op, and players have already set to work recreating iconic Halo maps, including Blood Gulch.

Forge mode is finally here, thanks to the Winter Update for Halo Infinite earlier this week, which added a number of much-needed features to the game, such as campaign co-op, mission replay, new achievements, and more. Within hours of the mode going live, Twitter user Epsilon_church_ revealed that they had recreated the iconic Blood Gulch map from Halo: Combat Evolved (thanks, Eurogamer).

Halo Infinite Forge mode already sees players recreate Blood Gulch

Due to the name 'BloodGulch' having been blocked, the Halo Infinite version Epsilon_church_ has recreated is surprisingly titled 'Coagulation' in Forge — the name of the revised Halo 2 version of the map. It's been updated to host CTF, Team Slayer, FFA, and Oddball game modes, and can now be found in Halo Waypoint's Content Browser.

Blood Gulch was first introduced as a multiplayer map in Halo: Combat Evolved but has since been seen in a number of follow-up Halo games. In Halo 2, the map was called 'Coagulation,' and while we didn't see a remake appear in Halo 3, it did make a return in Halo: Reach as 'Hemorrhage,' You can also play it in Halo: The Master Chief Collection as 'Bloodline.' Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 5: Guardians, and Halo Wars have had maps that nodded towards the OG multiplayer arena.

Halo Infinite has been making the headlines a fair bit this week, thanks to its new Argyle map having been taken offline after only a few hours of being live. Players also noticed that the Winter Update had seemingly removed the PvE multiplayer Bot Bootcamp playlist, and while 343 Industries did fix the Headmaster achievement, players will still need to complete another LASO run to unlock it.

Will you be having a play on Epsilon_church_'s Blood Gulch map over the weekend? Drop a comment below and let us know!
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