Two Worlds II DLC Expansion Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
The "Pirates of the Flying Fortress" expansion pack was revealed for back in April, but despite a set of screenshots appearing in June, and a second set appearing in July, very little has been revealed about the storyline or the type of adventures that players can expect.

Players will once again return to Antaloor, and the new trailer for the expansion pack should give you more of an idea as to the reasons for your return. Just be aware though that the very last part of the trailer is not safe for work.

In the new single player content and multiplayer maps, players will encounter many new weapons, "impact-oriented" horse armour, new breeds, new enemies and improved weather elements, which now include thunder and rain storms. Here are a few screenshots to help you get a taste of those:



Landscape 2

Landscape 1

Fight 2

Fight 1

Dungeon 4

Dungeon 3

Dungeon 2

Dungeon 1




"Pirates of the Flying Fortress" is due to be released in October.

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Rebecca Smith
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